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We are hiring Freelance Sales Representative

Hi! You are One Step Away to NOTIFLIX DPIS Internship.
Please Go through Our Website https://notiflix.in/ , Purely Understand our New Invented Technology, Product, Services and Understand the video, test the app, and gives the quick answer below and accept the terms and conditions , we will contact shortly if you are selected. .

*** This Internship programme is for learn and get in-hands experience , for those who willing to be an entrepreneur in future . you should not paid any stipends, you can earned incentives when the leads converted to sales after learning, you will be provided a certificate on successful complication of this six months internship.

The scope or extent of this assingments covers the approach and compensation for every sales of Products and services only as freelance sales representative [hereafter referred to as Freelance Notiflixer.] of Notiflix DPIS (hereafter referred to as NOTIFLIX.) .

The agreement of internship is valid for a period of Six (6) months from the date of confirmation of this document. This period begin on 15th April 2020 and ends on 14th November 2020 where after the agreement can be renewed should both parties agree to it. The agreement is subject to reaching and maintaining the task , goals and activities for their designated area. Should the representative not succeed in obtaining and or maintaining these task , goals and activities , the agreement can be terminated by NOTIFLIX and the area designated to another representative. The Freelance Notiflixer strictly can not do or promote anything’s which may harmful for Notiflix , directly or indirectly. The Freelance Notiflixer to be strictly maintain the Notiflix guidelines or its modification – time to times.
Here Intern can learn about markets, marketing process, find market opportunity, how to prepare markets , how to promote market, pre sales activities, create leads, leads to sales conversation, confirmation, post sales support, customer relationship management, create reference and promote to reference.

The Freelance Notiflixer will source, by his/her own schedule, clients for Notiflix with the intent of supplying/selling Notiflix products and related services. All products or services shall be provided to clients at Notiflix’s recommended prices, unless another agreement has been negotiated with Notiflix for a specific client (s). The Promoter of Notiflix - WEBINOVATION will invoice the client and the client will do the payment to WEBINOVATION. The GST number must be clearly indicated on the order to make sure GST compensation are allocated and paid over correctly.

Payment of intern and incentive and Intern Certificate:
The Freelance Notiflixer will can earn incentive for every sales. No incentive is payable on such sales and unsold items cannot be taken back by Notiflix as stock. Planning on behalf of the The Freelance Notiflixer is of utmost importance. No fuel, vehicle, accommodation, telephone/data or any related charges are not included in this agreement and are for the account of The Freelance Notiflixer Payment of intern and incentive will be done at the end of the month wherein the client made payment. The intern amount will calculated on The Freelance Notiflixer performance. The Freelance Notiflixer can be paid for the expanses which are pre-approved from NOTIFLIX personal with approval email. No cash payment are allowed from or to the client or customer , the freelance notifixer , or the Notiflix [WEBINOVATION], The all payment can be directed to or from the Notiflix [WEBINOVATION] bank Account via Cheque, NEFT-RTGS or Online Transfer through Net banking Only. The Freelance Notiflixer cannot get payments from the Notiflix clients or customer on their name or personal account anyway. The Notiflix is not anyway liable at any circumstance for any incident directly or indirectly. The Freelance Notiflixer are to keep a schedule of orders to be submitted to Notiflix on a timely basis for control purposes. Incentives are only payable on fully paid orders. No incentives will be paid on unpaid orders. The intern and incentives only remains in place for as long as the agreement is active. A Inter certificated are provided at the end of the intern. The Freelance Notiflixer are to provide - a copy of their ID document, valid email and cell phone number , the banking details of the bank account to which intern and incentive to be paid. Notiflix cannot be held responsible for details incorrectly supplied.

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